Federico Ibarra Groth

Over a period of more than forty years Federico Ibarra has produced a multi-faceted body of work that has made him one of the most important and significant composers of contemporary Mexican music. His work makes use of both traditional and innovative techniques, and includes almost all genres of concert and stage music.

Federico Ibarra has succeeded in creating for himself an unmistakably individual voice, and perhaps because of this he has also been able to incorporate into his own musical discourse echoes of a great variety of musical idioms, which evolve and develop freely in the rich tapestry of his musical creations. It is therefore not surprising that he has transcended the world of mere personal speculation, in which many composers believe that their own private dialects will succeed in being transmitted as shared languages. In fact, the great artistic achievement of Federico Ibarra’s music derives from the fact that he has succeeded in creating a powerfully accessible idiom, converting his own personal sound into a rich treasure trove that all listeners can share in and make their own.More

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